ADIOS Amigos - Launch Trailer

ADIOS Amigos - Launch Trailer

Welcome to the Adios Amigos WikiEdit

Team up with your friends and go explore the peculiar universe of ADIOS Amigos. A game with serious astrophysics in a comic setting for 1-4 players.

History Edit

After the 2016 release of 'Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space' (ADIOS) for PlayStation 4 the Cosmic Picnic team decided to expand the game and release it for additional platforms. In ADIOS Amigos, we have added twice as much content and variation. The game has also been improved in almost every area, including the addition of split screen co-op, interplanetary space shuttle and autonomous space stations with explorable interiors.

Features Edit

  • 1-4 players, local cooperative multiplayer
  • Rookie mode for young children or inexperienced gamers
  • Dynamic split screen keeps the screen estate to a maximum for all four players
  • Gameplay built around exploration and physics
  • Interplanery shuttle and insterstellar mothership
  • Procedurally generated solar systems, each with a plethora of planets, space-stations, alien species and strange artifacts
  • Physics-based space-flight
  • Platforming and space walking
  • Hand drawn water color graphics
  • Comprehensive physical simulation of entire solar systems including gravity, temperature, and atmospheric air resistance
  • No weapons or killing (horrible accidents may occur)

Latest activityEdit

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Adios Amigos Blackhole
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